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Obama Seeks Alliance with Enemies of Freedom

March 23, 2009
JB Williams


obama-puppetIn an amazing gesture of gross ignorance, Resident Barack Hussein Obama sent a video message to Iran effectively begging for an ill-fated friendship with one of the most brutal regimes on earth, known for their sponsorship of international terrorism.

Unlike the 66 million useful American idiots who voted for this fool, the Iranian government immediately rebuffed Obama’s ill-advised overture, identifying the outreach as nothing more than another carefully crafted, but overtly empty, campaign “slogan.”

Obama’s overtures ‘just a slogan’, says Iran’s spiritual head–Too bad 66 million Americans were not as wise. Less than 48 hours later, Reuters announces ”Iran sets terms for US ties.”

Just as Obama is the puppet of international secular socialists running Washington DC via the Democratic Socialists of America’s Congressional Progressive Caucus, headed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Mahmoud Ahmadinijead is the powerless mouthpiece of the Ayatollah who along with his Islamic theocrats, is actually running things in Iran.

The story continues …..

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