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STOP the G.I.V.E. Act (HR-1388)

March 23, 2009
Wake Up America Movement


give-actW.A.M. has been on the forefront of warnings that Obama would push his real agenda through as fast as possible. Following on the heels of the expiration of E-VERIFY and the ongoing push for CARD CHECK (passed by the House and now in the hands of the Senate) the single most dangerous piece of legislation in the history of our nation has been moved with a nod from the House to the Senate.

Typical of the Obama/Pelosi agenda, this bill has a title which is the exact opposite of what its contents really mean! Called the G.I.V.E. Act, it calls for a sudden, sweeping revision of longstanding National Service laws at a cost of millions of dollars (and that’s just for its start-up) in order to establish an Obama controlled domestic Youth Force to combine civilian and military functions – right on our own soil!

Par for the course in Obama/Axelrod strategy, the House passed this without MAIN STREAM MEDIA attention – under cover of the AIG scandal which occupied the airwaves this week. We all need to show Washington we are not being fooled anymore by their diversions. Please do your part to spread the truth of this G.I.V.E Act – which opens the door for indoctrination of our nation’s children from kindergarden through high school; tries to buy support by paying for summer camp programs and senior programs – and, at the same time, takes over the traditional role of private charities and local community organizations – under the POWER OF AMERICORPS, a Federal corporation!!!

The story continues …..

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