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Jack Harris – Asst. Chiefs – Commanders of the Phoenix PD – Inept, Dishonest and Just Plain Wrong!

March 22, 2009


jack-harrisJack Harris – isn’t even our Police Chief!  He is a civilian just like anyone else in Phoenix, that was hired back by Mayor Phil Gordon to be a Public Safety Manager.

Many older cops in Phoenix are on a program called DROP – it is a Deferred Retirement Plan.   It is a plan that accelerates one’s pension, but the deal is once on it, you must retire in 5 years.  You retire very rich!

The 5 year mark came and went for Jack.  Since he technically had to retire, our lazy, inept mayor Phil Gordon hired him back as a civilian, but kept his peace officer accreditation.  Jack Harris earns over $4000 per week (yeah that’s no typo – $4000 per week!!!) for this boondoggle!   He has no incentive to leave and Phil Gordon is too incompetent to hire someone new.  Since no one is qualified to fill in from the lower ranks, they would need to go outside of Phoenix and Arizona to search for a new chief.

That requires work, time and effort – none of which Frank Fairbanks or Phil Gordon are willing to give.  Also an outside chief would uncover all the corruption, ineptitude and crimes with the Phoenix Police Department exposing Phil Gordon and Frank Fairbanks for their abuse of discretion.  This is why the only solution is a Consent Decree and/or the DOJ coming in and running the Phoenix PD, firing all Asst. Chiefs and Commanders and starting over.

The story continues …..

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