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Obama Zombies Stuck In The Twilight

March 22, 2009
Joe Guzzardi


obama-zombiesThese are dark nights for “Obama Zombies”.

Who are they, you ask?

Pick from several definitions. Zombies—all of whom profess to have keen political insights— are Obama devotees whose beliefs are motivated by social image, who refuse to make decisions independent of the media, or, the loftiest zombie level, those who waste any part of their discretionary income on useless memorabilia like presidential coins, plates or t-shirts.

My position on Obama has been clear from the moment he announced his candidacy in early February 2007.

If you voted for Obama to protest two disastrous Republican terms, I understand. Or if you cast your ballot for Obama because you think that America should have an African-American commander-in-chief, I won’t argue.

But if you voted for Obama because you believed his campaign rhetoric about being an agent for change, or because you gobbled up the media’s embarrassing Obama drivel or because you wanted to boast you voted for an African-American, then you are—like it or not—a zombie.

The story continues …..

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