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Wyoming Education Association Vs. Home School Part IV

March 22, 2009

Wyoming Education Association’s platform continues to amaze me.  Today we’re looking at item number 33 on their agenda titled “Property Tax Exemptions”.  Why would someone being exempt from paying property tax bother them?  What harm can that be to the general public or the WEA?  Well, let’s face it, it goes back to money.

Item number 33 states, “The WEA believes that no class of property currently on the tax rolls should be exempted from any form of taxes that benefit public schools.  We, therefore, oppose any legislation that would permit such exemptions.”  Essentially they don’t want you to catch a break for anything.

Among those in Wyoming who currently receive a property tax exemption are Veterans.  That’s right, if you served your country the State of Wyoming will give you a break and, within certain criteria, you will be exempted from paying property taxes.  What’s wrong with that?  You served your country, and therefore; the State of Wyoming.  You sacrificed, some more than others, but you did sacrifice.  Shouldn’t you be entitled to some kind of a break or better treatment?

Not according to WEA.  You see, every dollar you get to keep takes away from public schools, therefore public school teachers, therefore; from union dues.  That’s the bottom line.  If it takes away from them they don’t want it.  They are itching to get their hands on your money.  Sadly, just like most government officials, they fail to realize that the money belongs to you and that they actually have no right to it.

The story continues …..

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