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Republicans Can’t Afford to Default to Obama

March 21, 2009
Phyllis Schlafy

Republicans are still awestruck at how Barack Obama was able to get every Democrat in the House and Senate to vote for his Stimulus package despite opinion polls showing impressive public opposition. The answer is Obama’s use of his years of training in Saul Alinsky-style community organizing combined with 21st-century technology.

This converted his successful campaign tools and technology into a political tsunami to pass tremendous spending bills that will saddle us, our children and grandchildren with incredibly enormous debts. The Stimulus shocker was followed immediately by the just-as-expensive Omnibus bill (for the current fiscal year), and it was followed by the just-as-expensive Budget bill (for the next fiscal year starting October first) that incorporates many new liberal social policies.

To pass the Stimulus bill, Barack Obama called on his supporters to host or attend “House Meetings” on the weekend before the vote. To gather attendees, he sent out 13 million emails.

Obama created a new lobbying organization called “Organizing for America” headquartered in the offices of the Democratic National Committee. Thus, there’s no question that its political purpose is to “redirect the campaign machinery” to get Congress to pass all the big-spending, spread-the-wealth bills that Obama promised before the election (which really means spread the poverty).

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