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First Fifty-Six Days: What Obama Hath Wrought

March 19, 2009
Sher Zieve


seeing-eye-obamaThe first fifty-six days of the Obama presidency have been—to put it mildly—planned frenzy.  Frenzy in an attempt to keep We-the-People from knowing what’s really going on (chaos is a tyrant’s friend) and planned because it was!  Just some of what Obama and his supplicant Congress have wrought includes:

  • Seized over $1TRILLION in taxpayer funds from the US Treasury (in less than 2 months) for the so-called economic “stimulus package” and heavily- earmarked spending bills
  • Committees held and are continuing to hold “kangaroo trials” of bank executives in ongoing “investigative” hearings, in order to divert the blame for the US’ economic disaster from the true culprits—which include but, are not limited to—Democrats Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd, former President Clinton and Barack Obama
  • Grilling AIG CEO on bonuses paid to his employees, while knowing full well that it was Senator Christopher Dodd (D-CN) who wrote the legislation to protect these bonuses.  Note:  Dodd is now frantically trying to dance away from this as fast as he can
  • Working diligently—via Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder—to so restrict the Second Amendment that it essentially becomes null and void

And the list goes on …..

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