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Deception, Lies, and Fake Democrat ‘Outrage’

March 19, 2009
Bobby Eberle

Dominating the news over the last couple of days has been the story of AIG executives receiving millions in bonuses. This, of course, is the same company that has received billions of dollars in taxpayer funds in order to stay afloat. Remember… it was one of those entities that was “too big to be allowed to fail.”

When word of the bonuses spread through the media and the Internet, the outrage spread even faster. President Obama blasted AIG for doling out the bonuses. Democrat Sen. Chris Dodd also blasted AIG. Everyone was trying to score political points with the American public. As it turns out, it was all just bad theater and false outrage. Obama, Dodd, and company knew about the bonuses months ago. The bonuses were written into the legislation. And now that the American people are upset, the Democrats are expressing outrage too? Get real!

In a speech this week on the economy, Obama took a few moments to blast the AIG executives. However, as this video points out, the “outrage” was not because of the action of AIG executives. The Obama team already knew about the bonuses. Obama is simply expressing his “outrage” because everyone else is.

The story continues …..

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