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ACORN Involved in 2010 Census

March 18, 2009
Matthew Vadum
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Because, sometimes you feel like a nut – sometimes you don’t!

acornACORN, the radical direct-action group that excels at bringing the dead, illegal aliens, people who have already voted, and minors to the polls, is seeking to take its ballot box-stuffing operation to the next level.

Fox News reports that ACORN is going to be involved in the 2010 U.S. Census:

The U.S. Census is supposed to be free of politics, but one group with a history of voter fraud, ACORN, is participating in next year’s count, raising concerns about the politicization of the decennial survey.

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now signed on as a national partner with the U.S. Census Bureau in February 2009 to assist with the recruitment of the 1.4 million temporary workers needed to go door-to-door to count every person in the United States – currently believed to be more than 306 million people.

A U.S. Census “sell sheet,” an advertisement used to recruit national partners, says partnerships with groups like ACORN “play an important role in making the 2010 Census successful,” including by “help[ing] recruit census workers.” […]

ACORN, which has been profiled here and here, will be able to create voters and then get them to the polls.

That’s efficiency.

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