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Only ONE Peaceful Solution Remains

March 17, 2009
JB Williams


revolutionTalk of civil unrest leading to civil war, state-by-state secession from the union, a new Continental Congress aimed at enforcing the letter of the Constitution, replacing the two anti-American political parties with one of 50 others equally uncontrollable, Tea Party demonstrations, and more than thirty (30) state legislatures reclaiming state sovereignty light up the Internet daily. Gun and ammo sales are at an all-time high, even as every other business sector is driven into the dirt by outrageous Marxist policies rammed into law, hour after hour.

Clearly, the people are in the mood to revolt against an increasingly dangerous enemy of the state, now in full control of the fed… Though willing to try anything to stem the tide of Marxism coming out of Washington DC today, it’s clear that the people are overlooking the one viable peaceful option still on the table…. It’s imperative that you understand – complex problems always require simple solutions.

The story continues …..

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