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Multi-Culturalism: Ploy Of The Moneychangers

March 16, 2009
Al Cronkrite


multiculturalismThe immigration invasion is in full swing. It is being fueled by a furtive desire to weaken the nation through conflict. Hordes of foreigners have come into United States where, in defiance to the best interests of our citizens, they are being lured with jobs, free food, and free medical care. Our culture is being decimated and our nation is being bankrupted.

The same ploy that was involved in the creation of neo-Israel is now at work in California. Mexicans have flooded into California believing they are returning to land over which they have legitimate claim. In the Middle East following the Second World War some 400 thousand Arabs were displaced as Jews poured into the area. In California an untold number of citizens have left the state as illegal Mexicans pushed in. Both cases involve an assumption of historic claim on the territory and both cases involved an outside impetus.

An article published by La Raza describes the conflict between powerful Jewish political forces in California and the emerging Mexican contingent. An anonymous La Raza author writes, “The Jews of California, about 3% of the state’s population, have an overwhelming and disproportionate share of the state’s wealth which they utilize effectively to wield immense influence on the state’s political apparatus principally through dominance of the Democratic Party. Both U.S Senators of the state are ladies of Jewish descent and there is no sector of California society, either private or public, in which Jews are not significant policy makers. The sectors that they can not control directly, they will do it indirectly through the purchase of influence as well as the cunning manipulation of ethnic and other minorities.” Read the entire article here.

Two major power centers provide support to open borders and multi-culturalism; the New World Order Bankers and the policy wonks of the Jewish power elite. Open borders and multi-culturalism are socially injurious to nations. Division weakens unanimity and destroys the strength of agreement.

Pat Buchanan writes,

“.how can we say diversity is a strength, when the most diverse nations of Europe, Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union, shattered into 22 nations as soon as they became free, and Slovaks and Czechs divorced?….Ethnic and linguistic diversity is now pulling Belgium apart, as they tore Cyprus in two.Since World War II, diversity — racial, religious, ethnic, cultural — has pulled Malaysia, the Indian subcontinent, Pakistan, Indonesia and Ethiopia apart, and is today pulling Iraq, Turkey and Lebanon apart.”

The story continues …..

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  1. midiman permalink
    March 16, 2009 4:08 pm

    Its unfortunate that what all the Illegals and all their misguided supporters don’t understand, it’s not just the jobs that they break into our country for. They come here take to advantage of what we and our european mothers and fathers who came to this country and who by the way were invited and went through the legal process. Have built and developed over the last couple of hundred years. If it isn’t PC to tell it like it is, too bad. We are the builders and the planners, we are a people that worked together and collaborated to construct a country that pales most other countries of the world. While their culture dappled with simple math, stone cuttings and astrology. We developed assemble line production and aeronautics, electric and electronic science. advancement in medicine that has saved the third world from possible natural extinctions. Agriculture to feed the world, chemicals and research that created new materials to house the worlds people, heck we even put a man on the, will you know.. The list of our accomplishment goes on and on and nobel prize awards to substantiate it. And these people think their just going to push us out of the way and take over, and keep the wheel of civilization going.. What …a… joke !!
    It’s not in their cultural composition or their brain synaptics to do much more than what they have achieved in thousands of years. They don’t have the sophistication or the abstract ability to bring innovation to any kind of fruition. Their presents here only diminishes our progress and dilutes our development by draining our resources,
    defusing our ability to coalesce. To the point where we aren’t communicating with each other as we once did, due to the cultural threats that they have imposed
    upon us by their demands and self appointed entitlements. We no longer trust one another and live in suspicion of our neighbors.
    Don’t believe all the crap you’ve been told all your life. What does your life experience tell you, what does your commonsense tell you.. probably The-Truth-!!
    Why should we lower our way of life and our standard of living to accommodate their third world !! Bull S**T !!

    Remember, 90% of the Mexican Illegals are the small indigenous mestizos and mayan indian people, not the white ruling class of mexico. The mexican elite have conveniently pawned off there uneducated and poor underclass unto the the people of the United States. The Illegals know exactly what they represent and the elite mexicans are glad to get rid of them. That’s just one of the reasons they fight to keep the borders open from there side! Look, there’s only one thing the Illegals understand and it’s always been apart of life in mexico ( Yes, I’ve lived there) and that’s criminal authority and lawlessness. And if all we do is stand on the border and watch them walk by us with no resistance they will keep coming by the millions and having millions of babies by the millions and colonize our land and elect foreign national infiltrator politicians to represent them till we no longer have a country. America we will have to really start to fight back soon or we will certainly perish.

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