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Now Is The Time To Identify Candidates

March 16, 2009
Devvy Kidd

What? You can’t be serious, Devvy. We just had an election!

I’m dead serious. Only someone deeply buried in distractions like ‘March Madness, the ‘Octomom’ or Dancing with the Stars can’t see the situation for our republic is not only dire, everyday is a continuing nightmare.

Writers for have been putting out some of the best, hard hitting material the past few years that fully lays out the history behind how we got here, the players and the agenda. Denial time is over. There won’t be any change for true constitutional government as long as the same players remain in office. Oh, wait….didn’t I say that already?

And, yet, last November, with the exception of two dozen or so seats in the House, America voted back the SAME Congress. They rehired and rewarded the same body of inept buffoons and crooks who have taken us to ruin with the worst on the horizon.

The story continues …..

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