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Episode #078 – The Obama Deception (audio)

March 15, 2009
The Corbett Report

In this special bonus edition of The Corbett Report podcast, we present the audio of Alex Jones’ new documentary, The Obama Deception, in its entirety. Please support this documentary by helping spread the video itself, this audio, or the information contained within the documentary. Also, please support Alex Jones by purchasing a copy of the DVD at or becoming a member of where you can download a high quality version of the documentary.

Listen to it here …..

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  1. unspy permalink
    March 16, 2009 4:25 pm

    If you study history, as I have, this was all very predictable. In the movie you see Webster Griffin Tarpley speaking over and over… back in 1999 he wrote a book called ‘Surviving the Cataclysm’ in which warns of the worst financial crisis in human history. His second chapter bares the title: “Derivative Madness.” In short, this man not only predicted the coming collapse 10 years in advance, but he also understood the true cause. If that is not enough evidence to bring you to a firm belief what this film says is true, then NOTHING will convince you.

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