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Iran: The Propaganda Never Stops

March 14, 2009
Timothy V. Gatto


iranOf course, Iran is the country that a not only produces vast quantity of oil, but it is strategically placed is such a way that it could stop much of the oil from the Middle East, from flowing to the west. The cover story that the United States uses to gain support for a possible invasion or military strike against Iran, is that someday, sometime, the Iranians could produce a nuclear weapon. The truth is, if Americans really want to pull themselves away from the mind-numbing effects of their “network news”, common sense tells us that if Iran did indeed build a nuclear device, where would they use it? If people could just ignore the rhetoric for just a brief moment and look at the facts, what country would be the target for this bomb? Would it be Israel? It’s` just about common knowledge that the Jewish State has between 300 and 600 warheads and a delivery system to compliment it.

Would Iran attack the United States that has over 18,000 nukes? I guess that if you add the hysteria that is part and parcel of our view of Islam, Iran’s first strike capability is entirely plausible. However, if one were to look at the facts, Iran is a signatory of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty that gives countries that sign the agreement the right to enrich uranium for nuclear fuel in the same way that Brazil, China, Japan, Canada Great Britain, India, Pakistan and a host of other nations are already doing. Not only did they sign the NPT, the IAEA has been given open, unfettered access to Iran’s nuclear program. Still, Israel and their surrogates in Congress continue to scream bloody murder just because Iran seeks to build a nuclear facility.

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