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How Did It Happen?

March 12, 2009
Don Stott

I really believe that all bubbles must burst. Bubbles are highly unstable! This one had to pop eventually, and of course it did. Most will blame it on greed, but that’s like blaming plane crashes on gravity. There were several causes of the current depression, but the main one is that there is no ”market price’ on interest rates. When I say ‘market price,’ I mean the marketplace setting interest rates, and not the Federal Reserve. A credit worthy applicant might and should get a lower rate than a greater risk. Bad risks should get no loans at all. When a central bank attempts to stimulate an economy by setting low interest rates, and then floods the marketplace with low cost dollars, guess what is going to happen? There should be no central bank which sets interest rates. It destroys the marketplace, which levels all things.

The story continues …..

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