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Protecting the Country Means Protecting the Border

March 11, 2009
Bobby Eberle

During the previous administration, few issues drew the wrath of the American people as illegal immigration and border security did. Funds were allocated for more border security agents, but those funds went unused. Legislation was put forward to reward illegal immigration. The American people spoke out and sent a message.

Now, there is a new administration, and nothing has changed. The violence along the Mexican border is increasing, and it is spilling over into our country. Action must be taken now. One of the fundamental roles of the federal government is to keep the country safe, so rather than spending trillions on stimulus or billions on studying cows and crickets, how about some real protection?

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  1. midiman permalink
    March 12, 2009 8:26 am

    Its unfortunate that what all the Illegals and all their misguided supporters don’t understand, it’s not just the jobs that they break into our country for. They come here take to advantage of what we and our european mothers and fathers have built and developed over the last couple of hundred years.
    We are the builders and the planners, we are a people that worked together and collaborated to construct a country that pales most other countries of the world. While their culture dappled with simple math, stone cuttings and astrology. We developed assemble line production and Aeronautics, electric and electronic science. advancement in medicine that has saved the third world from possible natural extinctions. Agriculture to feed the world, chemicals and research that created new materials to house the worlds people, heck we even put a man on the, will you know.. The list of our accomplishment goes on and on and nobel prize awards to substantiate it. And these people think their just going to push us out of the way and take over, and keep the wheel of civilization going.. What …a… joke !!
    It’s not in their cultural composition to do much more than what they have achieved in thousands of years. They don’t have the sophistication or the abstract ability to bring innovation to any kind of fruition. Their presents here only diminishes our progress and dilutes our development by draining our resources,
    defusing our ability to coalesce. To the point where we aren’t communicating with each other as we once did, due to the cultural threats that they have imposed
    upon on us by there demands and self appointed entitlements. We no longer trust one another and live in doubt of our neighbors.

    Remember, 90% of the Mexican Illegals are the small indigenous mestizos and mayan indian people, not the white ruling class of mexico. The mexican elite have conveniently pawned off there uneducated and poor underclass unto the the people of the United States. The Illegals know exactly what they represent and the elite mexicans are glad to get rid of them. That’s just one of the reasons they fight to keep the borders open from there side! Look, there’s only one thing the Illegals understand and it’s always been apart of life in mexico ( Yes, I’ve lived there) and that’s criminal authority and lawlessness. And if all we do is stand on the border and watch them walk by us with no resistance they will keep coming by the millions and having millions of babies by the millions and colonize our land and elect foreign national infiltrator politicians to represent them till we no longer have a country. America we will have to really start to fight back soon or we will certainly perish.

  2. Linda permalink
    March 11, 2009 5:04 pm

    I have noticed that few people mention the migrant workers who pick our fruits, vegetables, etc.
    I just read in our Tampa Tribune that many migrants are returning to their country of origin due to the fact that there are too many migrants and not enough jobs.
    Have our farmers and growers discounted the fact that many Americans are looking for jobs? Any kind of job.
    The news about “immigrants” has been exploited by our news. They bring on the poor souls who cannot amke it here and have to “go back”. One article said that the parents have to ‘drop’ their children and go back home. Drop? Does that mean drop in the laps of the USA citizens to take over their care?
    The anchor baby law has also GOT TO GO.
    Write your congressman/woman. Make phone calls. Sometimes you get rebuffed as I did at Senator Martinez’s office. But, hey, that tells me to spread the word around — which I did. I now see that ole Mel is not running in 2010. YES!

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