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Marxism Comes To America

March 11, 2009
Paul Walter

In a communist/socialist country there is no such thing as private enterprise. Everything is either owned or controlled by the government. The socialists are taking over America through the bailouts. The bailout money comes with strings. Through the strings and mandates that come with the money the government becomes your partner. It’s called “Public Private Partnership.” Create the financial crises, offer the solution (bailout money) and you have a complete totalitarian state.

These huge bailout/stimulus packages will create hyperinflation and result in a worldwide economic disaster dwarfing the Great Depression. It will indenture you, your children, and your children’s children under Socialist tyranny.

Public Private Partnership is the marriage between Fascism and Communism. Under this diabolical partnership the business owner will have an illusion of owning his or her business, same as the property owner has when it comes to owning your own home after it’s paid off. Silly? Stop paying your property taxes and you’ll see what I mean. When this economy collapses, and you’ll find yourself without a job and can’t pay your property tax for what ever the reason, the vary same government officials that are constantly begging for more and more money for raises and lavish benefits, living off your taxes, will evict you from your own home. Count on it!

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