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Gun Sales Astronomical

March 11, 2009
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The lamestream media told you:

The economy is so far in the tank it’s hopeless and you’re all doomed.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Overlooked somehow by the “news” media, retail firearm sales leaped 23.3 percent in February to 1,259,078, compared to 1,021,130 in February 2008, based on the number of NICS background checks performed by the FBI. The increase follows a 29 percent rise in January, a 24 percent rise in December and a stunning 42 percent jump in November, when a record 1,529,635 background checks were performed. Actual sales are higher, since the government cannot track private sales between citizens.

The continuing increase in firearm sales coincides with a BATFE announcement that firearm retailers may continue to photocopy the Form 4473 — the federal document required for purchase of a firearm from a retailer — since the Distribution Center for the forms is swamped with backorders. President Barack Obama’s threats to gun rights have been credited with the massive order stimulus.

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