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It’s All A Lie

March 11, 2009

Those who read my blog know that I always back-up what I say with links and information. I don’t just rant or go off on tangents just because this is my blog and I can do that here. I try to find things that will be of interest while maintaining my stated purpose. Here is one of the most shocking posts you will ever read on my blog.

I was reading emails last night from a group I belong to when one of them contained a link. Since it was a trusted group, I did a copy and paste of the link into the url line of google which took me to a video. The video, truth to tell, was a bit dry and boring, however considering the information it contained it is critical that every Citizen of this country watch it and learn just how deep the rabbit hole goes when it comes to government lies and fraud.

The government no longer needs our tax money. They take it because they can and because we are conditioned to pay it. But they haven’t needed it in a long time! Click HERE to read or watch the video. 2 hours plus

The story continues …..

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