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Jesse Jackson Jr. Seeks To Insert Communism In The U.S. Constitution

March 10, 2009
Lee Rogers


jessejacksonjrJesse Jackson Jr. has proposed several Constitutional amendments which state that we have the right to full employment, a clean environment, high quality health care, high quality education and safe housing. These amendments are just meant to make all the brainwashed sheep out there feel good because the government cannot guarantee full employment, a clean environment, high quality health care, high quality education and safe housing for all. These proposed amendments sound like something that would be written by Karl Marx or a politician in the old Soviet Union. These are some of the dumbest proposed Constitutional amendments ever in the history of this country, and Jackson should be removed from office just based on the stupidity of these proposals. Government doesn’t grant rights, and certainly nobody has a right to any of these things that Jackson is proposing. People are given inalienable rights to be free when they are born and they cannot be granted or given by any politician or government institution.

Check out the text of these proposed Amendments. They are beyond insane. When we have Congressional figures proposing garbage like this, it is clear that we are living in a nation in which real freedom is no more. What we have now is the illusion of freedom.

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  1. July 7, 2009 5:20 pm

    vjack con’t by the way i’m a 38 year old proud black male,it ain’t about black and white,its about the have and havenots

  2. July 7, 2009 5:17 pm

    his credibility is already shot likes his dad. he is following in his dads footsteps,and we remember the debacle in illinois.your dad east of the miss we knew what he was about,it took californians awile to catch on.he has no more credibilty,from the child out of wedlock,from the unthinkable act he allegedly did when dr king was assasinated,according to my parents,and his ill advised comments about pres.obama.the jackson family is publicity hounds with their own agenda phonies,and it just made me puke to see your dad with the jacksons after michael death,oh a camera,him speaking off the cuff without the family approval,al i can tolerate a little bit but your dad get no more love he like the wizard,hes been exposed years ago,and need to take his washed up agenda,along with you ang go for a long walk on a short pier,how we feel in california,stop keeping black folks thinking like victims.feel free to respond back.

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