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How Rotten Apples In Government Endanger America

March 8, 2009
Michael Cutler

A new report was forwarded to me by a now retired former high-ranking INS official who is also a close friend.

This news report appeared this past Friday in the Detroit News and while it is a disturbing story as it stands, what was left out of the story was an even bigger story- how a corrupt INS official enabled a once illegal alien to become an FBI special agent and then an employee of the CIA!

As you read this commentary and the news report, I want you to put it into proper perspective. There are, even as you read this, members of Congress and the current administration who are intent on foisting a massive amnesty program on our country to permit millions of illegal aliens to be rewarded for their having violated our nation’ borders and various immigration and other laws, with United States citizenship!

Here is what we don’t know and most likely will never find out about these millions of illegal aliens:

The story continues …..

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