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“The Fight of All Fights”

March 8, 2009
Walter Burien

The release on December 25th 2008 of the video “The Biggest Game in town” on Google is having great effect. More and more people come forward to exonerate this work. People have noticed and they are spreading the word.

Google is the largest and most used search engine in the world and in spite of the hit count numbers Being Fudged, it looks like the video has had over 2.5 million views in three months (that blows away all other videos from all dates for a video of that length on the issues presented) All politicians, individuals, groups, new services, Talking Heads, etc.

A regular web search on Google for “Government Wealth” the CAFR1 site is hit #1 and the video is displayed as hit #1, it also is on Google video under “government wealth” as the #1 video. Also on regular Google web search: CAFR #1 ; Government Investments #2

On a Google video search for the primary key word “government” it is #4 (for all dates!)

Three days ago for a Google web search of “government” (having 937 million hits) it showed up as the #1 video but was stripped off the regular web search results of “government” two days ago from being #1.

The story continues …..

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