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Is It Decision Time Yet?

March 8, 2009
Neal Ross

As our nation began its struggle for independence and sought its own identity, our founding fathers left behind a vast treasure trove of thoughts with which to guide posterity. While our founders have long since passed away, their thoughts still echo across time for all who would care to listen.

Regrettably for our us, their thoughts have faded into obscurity. They have become meaningless words, uttered by men whose names have long since been forgotten. While many may recall the names of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, I would be willing to bet that a good many people would be unable to quote Patrick Henry, Daniel Webster, John Adams, Henry Clay, or even the father of our constitution, James Madison.

These were the men whose thoughts and opinions formed the foundation upon which our system of government was created. Would it not seem logical that, instead of trying to interpret the constitution on our own, we would, instead, turn to their writings for guidance? Is it out of laziness on our part, or are we of the opinion that we are more intelligent than they?

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