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Demand Senate Keep E-Verify Out of Appropriations Bill!

March 7, 2009
Tom DeWeese

E-Verify is another part of the REAL ID international identity card scam

Once again the forces of Big Brother are trying to jam the E-Verify System through Congress – this time through the Omnibus Appropriations Bill.

The vote make be taken as early as Friday!

It must be stopped at all costs.

Supporters of E-Verify tell you this is the best way to stop illegals from getting jobs. They tell you it is efficient and accurate. Somehow they have deluded themselves into thinking E-Verify is just a proud, patriotic American program.

These are all lies.

E-Verify should be renamed the “Get Permission to Work from the Feds.” It uses the Social Security number as your only means to obtain a job. It means that every baby born here will have to basically be stamped, numbered and registered to live in our society.

The story continues …..

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