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The New Hampshire Resolution: HCR 6

March 6, 2009

State Rights, Freedom and the Constitution

Let’s Pass the “New Hampshire Resolution” in every State of the Nation

This Shall Be Known as the New Hampshire Resolution

If Selected to Serve on the Continental Congress of 2009 I will introduce a motion to Adopt the New Hampshire Resolution as Part of the Final Declaration of Grievance against the Federal Government. The Continental Congress is slated for late Winter 2009.

In the Mean Time I Propose that Patriots in the Various States Cause their State Representatives to Introduce the “New Hampshire Resolution” on their Respective Assemblies, Houses, Senates and People’s Councils.

Send the New Hampshire Resolution to Your State Representatives with a short Polite Cover Letter Asking for Adoption. Send me any Reply from Representatives, as I Maintain this Website for the Purpose of Posting the New Hampshire Resolution and the Result of its Adoption by the Various States including the Responses from Your Representatives relative to Your Request. Read the New Hampshire Resolution below.

The New Hampshire Resolution is waiting for a vote sometime in March 2009

Tony Dolz
Candidate for Congress for the State of California
310 371 7500
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