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ObamaNation — The USSA

March 6, 2009
Mark Alexander

Prior to the election of Barack Hussein Obama, some Republicans complained that identifying him as a socialist, which I have done since he announced his presidential aspirations, was “too extreme.” Shortly after his election, the same lot insisted, “He’s our president now. We should show him respect.”

It is notable, however, that I have not heard a single such complaint since BHO’s inauguration.

In fact, Newsweek magazine ran a cover story about Obama’s so-called “Recovery Act” legislation proclaiming, “We are all Socialists now.” Of course, because Newsweek is suffering from an acute case of revenue shortfall, a tabloid shock cover like the aforementioned is to be expected.

But there is no shortfall of truth in my claim that the “stimulus bill” has much less to do with economic recovery than it does with, in Obama’s words, “the fundamental transformation of the United States of America.”

The story continues …..

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