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Immigration: Importing Murder, Mayhem And A New Underclass

March 5, 2009
Frosty Wooldridge

Anyone notice mass murder happening on our southern border. Within the last 24 months, 8,700 Mexicans died in gunfire, beheadings and other Bonnie and Clyde-style killings. Innocent men, women and children found themselves in drug cartel crossfire. That battle spills over into the U.S. in Los Angeles, Dallas and Phoenix with over 20,000 MS-13 gang members operating in dozens of our major cities.

In a sobering piece, journalist Linda Thom wrote, “American Immigration Policy: importing murder, mayhem and a new underclass.” For more details, contact Spring 2008 Social Contract Quarterly, page 185, 186.

“Because of the recent murders committed by a Korean immigrant, much discussion in the media surrounds gun control, violence on campus, and mentally ill people,” Thom said. “Virtually no discussion surrounds immigration and violent crime.

“Statistics from the Center for Disease Control help,” Thom said. “They show that the Hispanic population engages in a high level of violent behavior.

The story continues …..

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  1. jack roberts permalink
    March 5, 2009 9:29 pm


    What are we gonna do about it, Frostdoe-man..?

    Im sick and tired reading about all this shit!!!

    It’s making us all crazy!

    somethings gotta give.
    we need a military coup and a gold plated guillotine.

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