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Senate Repeals D.C. Gun Ban by Large Vote

March 3, 2009
Gun Owners of America

goa_logo_trans— But the fight in the House is just beginning

By a resounding vote of 62 to 36 last week, the U.S. Senate has approved an amendment, offered by Senator John Ensign of Nevada, to repeal the D.C. gun ban.


But the battle is not over.

This week, the House will take up the D.C. voting legislation. And anti-gun Speaker Nancy Pelosi is angling to impose a “gag rule” on the House, so that D.C. gets its unconstitutional representative, while continuing its draconian anti-gun laws (like microstamping).

So here’s the deal: The House will be asked to consider a “rule” which establishes the time for debate and provides for which amendments may be considered — and which may not.

It is expected that the Pelosi rule will seek to deny the House any vote on the D.C. gun ban and thereby strip the repeal of the ban from the House bill.

So what we are asking you to do is to write and/or call your congressman and demand that he oppose any rule that strips the D.C. gun ban repeal from the D.C. voting bill.

The story continues …..

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