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Coward No More, Homage To Holder

March 2, 2009
Alan Stang

In his first major speech, pretend Attorney General Eric Holder called Americans cowards for not talking about race enough. Eric the Red is of course not really Attorney General, because the Communist enemy alien who appointed him is not really President (hence “pretend”). Also, he called us cowards in celebration of “Black History Month,” a pretend event (there was no black history, because there was no language to write it). “Black history” did not begin until it intersected “white history.”

Despite all that, I herewith defer to his admonition and strive to regain my manhood with this discussion of race; N.B., pretend Attorney General Holder. Don Jordan and Michael Walsh are the English authors of White Cargo: The Forgotten History of Britain’s White Slaves in America (New York, New York University Press, 2008). This book will drive a final stake through the heart of the race racket.

In Communist government school, they told us about “indentured servants” in early America who agreed to work seven years to pay for the expense of bringing them here. As you will remember, that was all they said; they dropped the perfunctory subject and went on to the truly horrifying study of black slaves from Africa.

The story continues …..

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