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Colorado State Senator Chris Romer advocates for illegal aliens using Colorado taxpayer money

March 2, 2009
Frosty Wooldridge

Colorado citizens that voted for State Senator Chris Romer to represent them and their interests committed an egregious error. Today, Chris Romer, pushing for in-state tuition for illegal alien students–represents criminal alien parents and their children over the interests of Coloradan taxpayers and their families.

Instead of introducing bills to chase the estimated 500,000 illegal aliens out of Colorado by prosecuting employers, pushing for 287 G and impounding cars of illegals–Chris Romer writes bills that not only encourage criminal aliens to remain in Colorado, but assists those criminals with more benefits.

Colorado taxpayers foot a horrific educational bill, over and above any sales taxes criminal aliens pay, to the tune of $925 million annually to pay for criminal aliens’ children K-12 grade. (Source:, 2008, Breaking the Piggy Bank: how illegal immigration is sending schools into the red) Colorado taxpayers spend an additional $68 million annually on programs for limited English students, most of them illegal aliens.

But it doesn’t end there! The report added, “State funded uncompensated outlays for health care provided to Colorado’s illegal alien population amount to an estimated $82 million a year. Additionally, Coloradans who have medical insurance also pay higher medical insurance bills to help cover the costs of those without insurance.”

The story continues …..

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