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The Long Awaited Re-Emergence of the Silent Majority

February 25, 2009
Ron Ewart

“Sometimes when you are up against a brick wall and must get to the other side, you have three choices; go around it, go over it, or go through it. If the wall is very high and very long, you may have no other choice but to go ‘THROUGH’ it. However, going ‘through’ it will take more energy than just one man has, without resorting to an act of explosive violence. If the wall is very high and very long, as is the ‘wall’ that our government has erected around our liberty, it may even take the energy as powerful as the silent majority, to breach it.” Ron Ewart

For four score and ten, we and others have watched the slow degradation of the elements of freedom and liberty. We have watched as the walls were erected by government, around the principles of our cherished constitution. We have watched as our treasury, brimming with our tax dollars taken by force, was pillaged, wasted and abused by government, to buy off naive and ignorant constituents for votes, or to reward lobbyists with the fruits of our labor, for favors. We have watched as government, with malice aforethought, exploited class warfare and racial division. We have watched as their ill conceived social policies have sent us head long, into financial collapse.

We have watched as laws were passed by government that violated one or more of our unalienable, individual rights. We have watched as international treaties were ratified, that ran in direct opposition to our basic laws. We have watched as power-hungry politicians worked with international forces to dilute or dissolve American sovereignty. We have watched as Federal legislators, in all three branches of government, assume many more powers than were enumerated in our Constitution. We have watched as the courts, at every level, rendered decisions that spit in the face of the Supreme Law of the Land, or defied any semblance of common law, much less, common sense.

As the government gained more unauthorized power, the abuses of our freedoms have accelerated. Which brings us to present day events.

The story continues …..

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    I love your site!

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