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Le Troisieme Jihad

February 24, 2009
via email …..

This is long and should be watched by everyone. What an eye opener.

When you watch this….think of who we now have in the White House and recall every word he said during his campaign.

Think of the classroom corps he promised to start….the civilian corps equal to and stronger than the military….the first interviews he had as president with Al Zaree TV….the first religious leaders that he met with (muslims)….the marxist-socialist executive orders that he has taken re our economy….the shutting down of Gitmo where already over 60 former prisoners are now once again engaged in terror….and then think of what is yet to come.

Put your hand on your neck and then recall that under Sharia law….the goal of Obama….you could lose it while still yet alive.

Think of your children and grandchildren being put to the same act. Then, join the patriots of America in bringing this radical and extreme Obamanation to an end.

Michael J. Bruning

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