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A Coward Responds

February 24, 2009
Becky Akers

So the leech whose salary as Attorney General of the United States we pay, who is, in effect, our employee – even our servant, if you swallow Leviathan’s claptrap about public service – reviled us as “a nation of cowards” last week. Try calling your boss a yellow belly and see what that does for the old working relationship. Yet Public Servant Eric Holder not only delivered this insult in his “Remarks” for the “Department of Justice [DOJ] African American History Month Program,” he expects our deferential agreement.

And what makes us cowards? Have we defended the torture of helpless prisoners, as has Holder’s DOJ? Or the armed kidnapping of a terrified, 6-year-old refugee fleeing Castro’s hell? Have we preyed on folks who prefer reefer to rum, ginning up crises and calling for longer terms of imprisonment to curry favor with voters? Have we kicked the down and dying Second Amendment in the hopes of advancing our career with the Democratic Party? No. We’re jellyfish because we don’t share Holder’s obsession with skin-color.

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