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Ex-Black Panther Seeks Gun Control (For Who?)

February 23, 2009
Al Benson, Jr.

Representative Bobby Rush, from the home state of Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln, wants to implement gun control. He thinks people should be disarmed. The Second Amendment be hanged–Rush has no use for it.

He has introduced into the U.S. House H.R. 45. It has been called a “dream bill” for anti-gun politicians and I don’t doubt this is an accurate assessment. The bill calls for the licensing of firearms owners, the creating of a national database of firearms and their owners also. It will prevent anyone from selling any firearm without government being involved in the transaction (except for criminals of course). Somehow they always seem to escape all these thorny regulations that government imposes on honest people. This bill also requires that all firearms in your home be locked up at all times. I can just imagine a burgler somewhere trying to break in while the homeowner asks him to please wait until he can unlock his handgun and load it so he can defend his home. The bill also allows the government to subject gun owners to phychological evaluation. After all, there must be something potentially wrong with all those rednecks that cling to their Bibles and their guns, so government must have some justification for removing these impediments to the glories of multiculturalism. First to go will be the guns–the Bibles will follow–unless they happen to be one of the new “progressive” versions.

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