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Why The UN Is Worthless To Human Existence

February 18, 2009
Tom DeWeese

Africa has more natural resources than the United States. Yet its people wallow in poverty and a horrible existence, not because the land doesn’t provide for them, but because of bad governments.

Case in point is Zimbabwe which, by all accounts, should be the richest of all African nations. It was once called the breadbasket of Africa because of its rich soil and prosperous farmers. Today, under the brutal, unending dictatorship of insane ruler Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe sits in ruins. As The Washington Times reported, “People are starving and compete in the countryside with baboons, jackals and goats for roots and wild fruits; health care has imploded and cholera is on the march as water and sewer systems collapse.”

Why the collapse of this once wonderful country? Robert Mugabe. He hates whites, wants them out of the country, and so has literally stolen their land – mostly the once-rich farms. Then he gave the farms to his cronies or to just poor people living on the street. Most of these people had never even seen a farm, let alone worked one. The result was certainly predictable — instant starvation. Mugabe maintains power through a gang of thugs which roam the streets and savagely beat and murder anyone who dares stand in opposition.

The story continues …..

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