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Hold Them Accountable

February 17, 2009
Justin Raimondo

Pass the Executive Accountability Act of 2009

I don’t, as a rule, endorse legislation: being a libertarian and all, my faith in the ability of government action to have any beneficial effect is exactly nil. However, in the case of the Executive Accountability Act of 2009 [.pdf], I’m making an exception. This is because, unlike most if not all legislation that seeks to regulate or otherwise shape the behavior of ordinary people, the Executive Accountability Act regulates the behavior of government officials, namely POTUS and his underlings – and exacts severe penalties in case of violation.

Rep. Walter B. Jones, Republican of North Carolina, has introduced a bill that makes it a federal crime for a U.S. president or “an officer or employee of the executive branch of the government” to “knowingly and willingly” mislead Congress and the American people to gain authorization for U.S. military action. The five-year statute of limitations, moreover, doesn’t begin to run until the president leaves office.

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