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Zionism And The Jewish Conspiracy

February 17, 2009
Alan Stang

A curious development is showing up in my email and in the calls to my daily talk show. Again and again messages and callers assert that whatever is wrong in the nation and the world is the work of “Zionism” or “Zionists.” From acne to bankruptcy to divorce, unemployment and zits, that is the cause. The term is used to mean so much one wonders whether the user himself is sure what it means. Whatever, in these usages, the nation of Israel – which until recently was generally considered an American ally – stands condemned.

At the same time, the Mohammedans, some of whom our military is fighting right now, indeed, the first enemy our new nation fought on the shores of Tripoli, the Mohammedans who from the moment they burst forth from the Arabian peninsula have been trying to conquer the West and now are closer than ever to success, these same Mohammedans emerge in this new scenario as the good guys, the victims of the aforesaid Zionism.

They are the good guys despite their practice of “honor killing” their own women, a practice they have brought to our country. They beheaded Danny Pearl of the Wall Street Journal and many others, but they are the good guys. They are the good guys despite their possible implication in the widespread arson in Australia that has killed more than 150 people so far. If you write something they don’t like, like Salman Rushdie, they urge adherents to kill you; they riot, they love intimidation. But they are still the good guys. They have emasculated the United Kingdom. And on and on. What is happening?

The story continues …..

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