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Activists accuse Balcones Heights of profiling

February 11, 2009
My SA News

[Ed note ~ Here’s what I find interesting about all this racial profiling crap! Let’s say that a convenience store is robbed and the perps are described by the store owner and patrons as “white males in their early 20’s”. Are the local police going to be looking for and stopping elderly black, hispanic, or Asian women? I highly doubt it! So is stopping younger white males considered “racial profiling”??? HELL NO!!! Likewise if the vast majority of illegal aliens in this country are “bronze/brown”, then that is EXACTLY who the police should be looking for!!! Sounds like the Brown Berets would be more aptly named the “PINK Barretts”!]

More than 40 protesters rallied outside the Balcones Heights Police Department on Monday, accusing officers of racial profiling in efforts to detain unauthorized immigrants.

“Since early December there have been cases of racial profiling,” said Carlos de Leon, spokesman for the activist group Brown Berets of San Antonio. “The Police Department has been acting as immigration agents. As a result, they have been randomly stopping anyone who looks Hispanic and asking them for their papers.”

But city officials denied the allegations, saying officers understand they cannot enforce federal immigration policies.

“We’re not acting as an ICE agent, no way,” said Police Chief Bill Stannard, referring to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. “We’re just acting as a police officer.”

The story continues …..

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