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Obamania Short Lived

February 11, 2009
Lynn Stuter

Three weeks into his term, the illegitimate usurper, Also Known As (AKA) Obama, is already losing ground in the polls. Boyish good looks, a slim physique, and flashing pearly whites only go so far. Not even great oratory skills can save the day when there is nothing behind the façade that is of merit and the teleprompter isn’t around. The obvious lack of experience is glaringly evident as is the communist agenda.

Swooping into Washington, DC on the genie’s magic carpet, spouting “hope and change,” AKA promised those gullible enough to listen to empty promises spoken on the wings of smooth oratory, such that they would vote for him, that his Administration would not be conducting business as usual.

But alas, as is always true of the politically corrupt, what you see is what you get; the ingrained smut of corruption just doesn’t wash off. AKA came out of the same corrupt Chicago political machine that produced Rod Blagojevich and he’s just as dirty, just as tainted, and one would have to be terribly naïve to ever believe AKA isn’t guilty of the same pay-to-play scheme as Blagojevich. The old adage that one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover goes both ways. The only difference between Blagojevich and AKA is that Blagojevich is white and American while AKA claims his black heritage by virtue of his skin color and is an illegal alien and illegitimate usurper to the office of president.

The story continues …..

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