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The most qualified candidates for HHS Secretary aren’t dead mackerels

February 8, 2009
Craig J. Cantoni

Before Tom Daschle withdrew his nomination for Health and Human Services Secretary, the trained seals in the American media were barking and clapping their flippers in unison that he was eminently qualified for the cabinet post, having been fed this dead mackerel by White House propagandists.

In turn, the American public, having been lobotomized long ago by government schools, leftist universities, and comic books like USA Today, began repeating what the seals were barking. Then the seals, hearing their barking echoed by the lobotomized public, praised the Obama administration for being in touch with public opinion.

The standard news cycle was complete.

Amidst all of the barking and clapping, the seals didn’t give much thought to the qualifications that a candidate for HHS Secretary should have. They just accepted the dead mackerel of Daschle being qualified because he was a former senator who had written a book on health care reform.

The story continues …..

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