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The Distemper of the Times

February 8, 2009
Patrick J. Buchanan

patrick-j-buchananWith reports circulating of its imminent demise, The New York Times announced in January that it had found a white knight.

Sort of. For the knight in question, who already owns 6 percent of the sinking Times and was investing $250 million in notes carrying
14 percent interest, was Carlos Slim. Reputedly the richest man in the world, taking the title from Bill Gates in 2007, Carlos is not so highly regarded in his own country.

In Mexico, according to Forbes, “the media and the masses long have held a sneaking suspicion that there is something shady about Slim.
He is described as a rapacious monopolist who built his empire on cozy ties to Mexican presidents … .”

For this column, however, the issue is not how Carlos bought up the Mexican telephone monopoly, but whether this Big Enchilada has bought up Andrew Rosenthal’s editorial page.

For, two weeks after Carlos’ bailout cash arrived, Rosenthal’s page launched a hysterical attack on the patriots’ movement that seeks to halt the invasion of the United States from Mexico.

The story continues …..

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