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The MexiChurian Candidate (And President) Remembered

January 30, 2009
Brenda Walker

Billions For Africa, But Not One Cent For Border Security

For a man who sought to define himself as the national security President and protector of America, George W. Bush often put foreign interests-mainly those of Mexico-over the well being of the United States. Bush was certainly the best friend Mexico ever had in the White House.

Perhaps Bush’s conflicting loyalties show the genius of the human mind for convenient compartmentalization. Certainly the recent trend in the Presidency has been to think globally rather than nationally. A new extreme occurred when then-Presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama declared himself to be a Citizen of the World in Berlin.

More and more, White House occupants see themselves as High Poobah of the Planet, rather than the American people’s elected President. They certainly want to be seen as first among equals by their peer group of other national leaders.

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