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A farmer and NAIS

January 30, 2009
Paul-Martin Griepentrog

Well, it’s Monday night and I’ve had another long day on the farm. Seems the weather forecaster got things wrong again, with predictions of light scattered frost that turned into a hard freeze. That’s farming for you.

You see, I’m the invisible spirit behind the Shady Knoll Farm’s stand at the Hodag Farmers Market. If I’m not farming, I spend my time advocating for the interests of small farmers.

There is a world of difference between the concerns of small, family farms like mine and large corporate operations, and yet the public and the government often lump us together or even worse: place additional restrictions, making my personal, hands-on business very difficult.

You may have heard about “traceability” lately in the news and how this will help with everything from disease control, to salmonella in tomatoes (or was it peppers, or was it cilantro)?

The real problem for me is that my farm’s focus is in producing food locally, but the laws are designed for giant, impersonal businesses that deliver food across the globe.

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