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U.S. Born Children of Undocumented Parents Sue Obama

January 29, 2009
New America Media
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MIAMI — The lawyers for over 600 American born children filed a lawsuit against President Obama to suspend the deportation of their undocumented parents until there is immigration law reform.

Nora Sandigo, of Nicaraguan origin, is CEO of American Fraternity, a pro immigrant organization based in Miami, filed the lawsuit before the U.S. Supreme Court.

“Children continue to suffer by being separated from their parents because of deportations that the President may be able to suspend.” Sandigo asserted. She also explained that filing this law suit is not because she or these children are against him, but to use his authority and urge him to issue an executive order to stop the deportations, and adopt new immigration laws.

[Ed. note ~ Hey Nora … Laws MUST be enforced. If these children’s parents were convicted and locked up for their criminal actions, they would have to live with relatives or be adopted or wards of the state. Oh, I forgot – there parents WERE guilty of criminal trespass and possibly other criminal actions. The only difference in this instance is that the children have the option of leaving WITH their parents! VAMOS!!!]

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