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Stimulus Nonsense

January 29, 2009
Roger King

Democrats would like us to believe the $825 billion dollar stimulus package is required to recover from the recession. In fact, this bill is nothing but a conglomeration of the spending packages they have dreamed about for the past few decades. The main stream media also seems to have forgotten to tell us that with interest this bill comes to over $1.1 trillion dollars. This debt amounts to over $9,000 per family in taxes.

According to the Wall Street Journal only 12% of the package could conceivably be regarded as stimulating the economy. Even if we accept Obama’s claim that this bill would save or create 3.7 million jobs, that would amount to a cost of $200,000 per job.

Alan Reynolds at the Wall Street Journal also tells us the stimulus package doesn’t even target the groups hardest hit by unemployment.

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