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Militias in the U.S. – Subcommittee Hearing

January 27, 2009
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These two videos (below) are interesting exchanges between Fred Thompson, Arlen Specter, Diane Feinstein and various state militia leaders….during a 1995 “Senate Terrorism Subcommittee” hearing on “Militias in the U.S.”

Feinstein tries to merge the fringe of radical KKK types with law abiding gun owners that participate in lawful and constitutional militias, which one leader continues to inform Feinstein that the local county sheriff is the ultimate commander during a national or local emergency, as outlined (para-phrased) in the Constitution. She continues to demonize any and all concepts about what the Constitution says concerning a lawful militia. She laughs about once having a concealed weapons permit in the 70’s and suggests that nobody needs one now, and denies that she holds a current CCW.

It is my opinion that this subcommittee set the stage for what we are about to see soon, with (1) gun grabbing, and (2) the re-writing of the Constitution.

Other citizen groups that act as Neighborhood Watch Groups should be concerned about the typical line of questioning in these two videos, as similar and eventual “immigration subcommittee(s)” are formed by this new administration that may raise question(s) of what authority do citizens have when acting on their own to protect Americans from the border invasion.

Specter slams the leaders with demands for militia strengths, number of weapons per each volunteer, and locations, etc. The subcommittee shows great concern and states that the federal government follows the letter of the law and never violates a citizen’s rights.

What is very evident in these two videos, is the concern by the federal government that citizens have the gall to act on and maintain constitutional law in this country. We are seeing the transition of that subcommittee’s findings 14 years later, however….I think it only strengthens America’s resolve to defend themselves against all enemies foreign and domestic.

1st Part (C-Span)

2nd Part (C-Span)

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