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Don’t Confuse Intellect with Intelligence

January 27, 2009
JB Williams

America voted to fill the halls of Washington DC government with what they consider to be our nation’s “greatest intellectuals,” political progressives. But they had best not confuse intellect with intelligence, or they will be sadly disappointed by the ignorant decisions already evident in the new Washington elite…

-0 bama: Tough on Jobs

-0 bama’s trillion dollar taxpayer leap into pure socialism is being sold as a “jobs” initiative that will “stimulate” economic growth by “creating” 3-4 million new jobs to replace the 2.5 million jobs lost over the last two years of Democrat controlled economic chaos. Am I the only American to notice the decidedly deep downturn in our economy after Democrats took control of congress in 2006?

The problem is, government can only create “government” jobs and even if we could replace 2.5 million lost private sector jobs with 4 million new government jobs, what will it do to an already bankrupt nation?

So far, -0 bama is only proving his willingness to make snap decisions despite his historic lack of experience to deal with such dangerous issues. He appears just as inept as we expected.

Note to intellectuals: Private sector jobs, which can only be created by private sector investment, expand the tax base, increase productivity and feed the public trough. Government sector jobs, which are the only jobs government can create, further increase taxpayer burden, create an additional drain on the public trough, remove investor resources from private sector investment and accelerate the collapse of the world’s greatest free market economy. Write that down so that you don’t forget it when the walls come tumbling down around you…

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  1. January 27, 2009 10:00 pm

    I can hardly wait. Jobs from the middle income sector that were lost, will be replaced by “green jobs” paying the minimum wage.


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