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America! A hope, but now an ugly reality

January 27, 2009
Dale L. Neill
January 27, 2009

America the wonderful place to dream a hopeful dream and a dream of hope
But now America has become for the evil rich a cash and carry
Unethical members of our congress has created an ugly and a slippery slope
The rest of America is in bondage with very little cash to carry

Before this gang of thieves these government mobsters became the ruling class
Now even our hope is gone and we are loosing almost everything
A person any person even the very poor could become one in the middle class
Now fearing the bill collectors if the door or phone should ring

Bailing out the corrupt bankers and the very wealthy is now the thing to do
Now the tax payer pays thirty percent even if you earn but a dime
Cheats scum bags and liars just low class corrupt people through and through
That’s our the government rulers, but if you cheat you do the time

The king of the ruling class who bought with foreign money the American throne
Jobs of yesterday for a good retirement are going, gone and gone
Who intends to eat the flesh of all the American freedoms right down to the bone
Now only the imported workers can sing that retirement song.

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