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The ‘Amero’ – fact or fiction?

January 25, 2009
Sonya Rehman

amero1Word has it that the US Dollar is soon to be replaced by the ‘Amero’. Is this just another conspiracy theory kicked up by a bunch of bored conspiracy theorists?

Who knows, but at the rate the US economy finds itself sinking further into a quicksand recession, the introduction of the Amero might just turn out to be a reality.

And this brings us to the North American Union (NAU). So what exactly is the NAU? The NAU apparently brings together the United States, Canada and Mexico under one umbrella – with the eradication of each country’s borders – to allow free trade, in addition to the free entry and exit of people residing in the three aforementioned countries.

The NAU, infact, is quite like the European Union, which too, follows an agenda which is absolutely globalized: one system, one currency – where the US Dollar, Canadian Dollar and the Mexican Peso will be replaced by the Amero.

But the Western media, for reasons unknown, hasn’t really addressed the NAU and the Amero.

For the rest of the story …..

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