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Parents make use of school choice options

January 25, 2009
NWI Times

Scores of parents in Northwest Indiana have flocked to the suburbs or to private or parochial schools to get what they consider a better quality education. Enrollment’s on the upswing at charter schools.

Parent Cecilia Obergon, who attended a public forum on open enrollment in the Whiting School City on Monday, said she moved from Merrillville to Whiting to take advantage of the schools four years ago. She said she and her husband are pleased with the district, and their two children are doing very well.

Larry and Kelly McManus, of Crown Point, have five children between the ages of 5 and 15 whom they home school. Kelly McManus said they chose home schooling because they wanted to train their children in the values, character traits and faith that is important to their family.

“We have different learning styles, and we wanted them to get the best education possible,” she said.

“We wanted our home schooling to reflect every aspect of our life and our day revolves around teaching and training our children about the different aspects of life. We want them to maintain the joy of learning,” she said.

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